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    Zvartnots temple

    • Echmiadzin, Armenia
    • Zvartnots temple$$
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      Zvartnots temple was founded in 641 in the year, construction was about 20 years old. It was one of the greatest Armenian churches. Its architecture is reminiscent of the Byzantine structure, compared with the great temple of Zvartnots Syria. Zvartnots at the base had equilateral cross.

      Architecturally the temple is a some kind of centric composition. Circular structure was three layers - put each other less cylindrical structure.

      The grand temple was situated on the site that has added more buildings Majesty. Inside the room was richly decorated with sculptural reliefs. In 930, the temple was destroyed by a strong earthquake. The ruins were excavated only in the beginning of XX century. Today it is open archeological reserve and museum, where the model variants reconstruction of the temple, sculptural fragments facilities.

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