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    • K'arahunj, Armenia
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      Two hundred kilometers from the capital of Armenia, in the town Karahunj discovered an ancient astronomical observatory in the world. Karahunj is located on a plateau at an altitude of 1770 meters above sea level.

      Observatornaya complex includes 222 large upright standing stones in height from 1.5 to 2.8 meters and weighing up to 8.5 tonnes. Some stones are made in the upper part around the through hole.

      The diameter of approximately 4-5 cm hole with tapered extensions at the ends. The internal surface is clean and smooth holes. Scientists believe that the "stone composition" has some secret meaning.

      Since 1994, scientists have organized several expeditions to Karahunj, and produced a detailed topographical survey of the area. After that, no doubt left: the ancient people used as an observatory.

      Found near Karahunj petroglyphs (rock carvings), indicate that primitive man in Armenia had a very specific information about astrology.

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