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    Erebuni Fortress

    • Vardashen, Armenia
    • Erebuni Fortress$$
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      Erebuni Fortress is an architectural complex with palatsavymі, religious and outbuildings.

      Fortress (Citadel) Erebuni had a triangular shape and occupied a hill Arin-Berd height of about 65 meters. The foundation of the fortress was soruzheniya of basalt boulders piled on the leveled rock that forms the basis of the hill.

      On the rich interior decoration of the palace show beautiful and luxurious frescoes on religious and secular themes: hunting, agricultural work. The walls of the temples were decorated with paintings with scenes of sacrifice and the procession of the gods. Murals are valuable examples of the art of Urartu.

      Urartu technology staining preserved to our days bright range of colors murals.

      Remains of an ancient aqueduct were also found during excavations of the fortress.

      We can confidently say that the monument while fraught with a lot of secrets, the disclosure and the study which largely complement the history of the city of Erebuni.

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