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    Fortress complex of Garni

    • Garrni, Armenia
    • Fortress complex of Garni$$
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      Good from the IV century BC to III century AD served as the residence of Armenian kings. The palace buildings were located in the southern part of the fortress. There were kings and state apartments and the palace church, and living room, and a sauna. The royal palace was two stories.  

      Its main hall was decorated with numerous columns. The walls were richly painted with colored plaster. During the excavations in the territory of the palace were found fragments of various sculptures, palace life, the details of architectural decoration.  

      Was located near Bath, built in the III century. It consisted of five rooms: dressing rooms, baths with hot and cold water, heating the room with a reservoir for water heating.

      Has survived mosaic c various subjects, which were set out floor space. The plot mosaic in the locker room is taken from Greek mythology. It depicts the god of the oceans and seas surrounded nereіd and fish. Save the inscriptions in Greek. 

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