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    • Haghpat, Armenia
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      Haghpat monastery complex is one of the outstanding works of medieval Armenian artistic merit that go beyond the national culture. Due to the unique architecture and preservation of the authenticity of all the monastic buildings complex in 1996 was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

      The foundation of Haghpat is unknown. Probably the beginning of its construction dates from the middle of X century. For three centuries there were built churches, chapels, bell towers, stacks, bridges and galleries. Domed churches of the most interesting church Surb. The church is decorated with well-preserved sculptures, frescoes but almost all lost. Bell tower of Haghpat - the earliest buildings of similar purpose in Armenia.

      Stacks - rare for its intended purpose building, which indicate a high level of civil architecture Armenia XI-XIII centuries and the formation of its population.

      Haghpat complex particularly rich in khachkars. The peculiarity of the famous cross-stone Amenaprkich (1273). There are a large number of realistic images of human figures, skillfully woven into a unique composition decor. The complex is an example of Haghpat urban art of ancient Armenia.

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