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    Geghard Monastery

    • Monastyr' Gekhard, Armenia
    • Geghard Monastery$$
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      Geghard monastery complex is located near Yerevan. Full name of the monastery - Gegardavank, in Armenian it means "monastery spears." The exact time of the birth of this church is established, it is assumed that the first buildings appeared here in the fourth century AD.

      Legends tell that here was brought the same historical Spear of Longinus, by which saved from the torment of the crucified Christ. Now it is kept in the temple spear Echimadzina where modern residence located Catholicos of All Armenians. 

      The most unique feature of the monastery - it is located in a valley, and nearly all carved in the rocks. Carved into the rock lit by using special hole in the top of each.

      In this monastery, as well as in other Armenian churches, the main decoration is a stone vegetable or geometric patterns, which richly decorated interior and exterior walls.

      One of the walls of the temple is covered with small niches. There is a sign that you need to throw in one of the niches of stone, to attract success, so there is always a wall of tourists who try to throw stones into the recesses.

      The temple grounds huge, despite their age, quite well preserved, so there is always a lot of tourists from different countries. Gegard rightly listed as a UNESCO World Heritage.

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