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    Tatev Monastery

    • Tandzat'ap', Armenia
    • Tatev Monastery$$
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      Armenian Apostolic Church monastery of Tatev is named after the village, next to which is. The monastery was founded in the late ninth century, almost since its inception became the religious center of Syunik kingdom.

      As early as the tenth century, the population of the monastery reached thousands of people.
      In addition to the long history of the monastery attractive arhtekturnim unique ensemble. On its territory there are several landmarks of historical value.

      The main architectural structure of the monastery - St. Poghos and Petros (895-906 years). In the eleventh century were completed Gate Church and the Church of St. Astvatsatsin. Gregory. Gate Church stands out from the usual way of Armenian architecture vertically oriented proportions.

      The main attraction of the monastery - "Gavazan." This oscillating column installed in 904, around the monastery premises. Octagonal stone pillar (height of eight meters) topped with a cross-stone. The peculiarity of this design - can post Tips and yourself back to the starting position. Fluctuations occur from seismic manifestations and even the touch of a human hand. Thus the motion of the pendulum warned the population of the monastery of earthquakes and the approach of enemy troops.

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