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    Matenadaran Museum

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    At the end of Mashtots Avenue on a hill there is a building Matenadarana Institute of Ancient Manuscripts In front of the monument to Mesrop Mashtots the creator of the Armenian alphabet Matenadaran is the largest center for Armenian written culture... attractions, Cultural objects

    Restaurant "Camelot"

    • /en/page/restoran-camelot
    The feeling that you are in a medieval castle you continue throughout the visit to the restaurant Here everything breathes grace and perseverance he from interior design to the friendly and attentive staff Spacious rooms with bright lighting  ... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Restaurant "Nor Dzoraberd"

    • /en/page/restoran-nor-dzoraberd
    This is one of the largest restaurants in Yerevan the total number of seats which is about 1000 and the interior of the restaurant and the quality of service in line with European standards so as the food served and the proper maintenance you ... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Cafe "Moscafe"

    • /en/page/kafe-moscafe
    Cafe occupies two floors The first is equipped with a restaurant in white and red colors and creates an environment of relaxation and comfort Second decorated in shades of brown and coffee more like a cafe There is also a smoking room The entire... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Artbridge Bookstore Cafe

    • /en/page/kafe-artbridge-bookstore
    Cafe Artbridge Bookstore a small cozy cafe located in the eponymous bookstore Cafe interior is made simple with bright colors it contains wood and stone Cafe combined with a store that offers a wide selection of books CD and DVD discs as well as... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Mezzo Restaurant

    • /en/page/restoran-mezzo
    Mezzo Restaurant combines and restaurant and music club and recreational areas with tsygarnay bathroom Restaurant Mezzo perhaps is the most elegant and prestigious institution of Yerevan Mezzo is a two story complex of rooms which is located in the... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Monument Mother Armenia

    • /en/page/monument-mat-armeniya
    Later at the base of the statue opened the Museum of the Ministry of Defense of Armenia Today the Museum exhibits both times in 1941 1945 So Karabakh war period of the late 80's early 90 ies The twentieth century Statue made of hammered copper and... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Yerevan State University

    • /en/page/erevanskij-gosudarstvennyj ...
    The University has developed rapidly and in the years 1935 1936 has worked 7 faculties historical physical mathematical philological legal chemical geological geographical biological Prior to 1991 functioned at universities has 17 faculties  ... attractions, Cultural objects

    "Moscow" cinema

    • /en/page/kinoteatr-moskva
    Moscow cinema in Yerevan was designed by talented architects G Kochar and T Yerkanyan on the ruins of the church of Saints Peter and Paul The ceremonial opening took place on December 12 1936 and on that day was shown most Armenian voiced  film... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Fountain "Yerevan cascade"

    • /en/page/fontan-erevanskij-kaskad
    Yerevan cascade is one of the most famous fountains cascades which was created in the XX century First in 1960 in its place was built just one waterfall fountain designed by architect Vardan Yusanyana On the far wall was lined with beautiful... attractions, Galleries and Museums
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